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    Fast cruiser racers still live at realistic sizes

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    @3Psuite, I actually had the pleasure of sailing the Dazcat 1195 last week, as I visited Dazcat in Millbrook.
    The owner of the 1195 "Sueños" was so kind to do a test sail from Falmouth.
    Really, really nice. And fast! Picks up in no time, very easy to tack and manage. The whole concept works. The deck layout, but also the internal layout.
    However, for my plans, it seems best to go with the 14 metre hulls.

    The brilliant thing about dealing with a semi-custom boat builder, that they will find a solution and are not bound to what is mentioned in the brochures. So, we have now come up with a concept for a 14 metre ocean going greyhound: 14 metre Dazcat hulls, with a Dazcat 1195 canopy.

    All in all, I was well impressed with Dazcat and the way they look at catamaran performance and functionality, construction and safety.

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