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Thread: Solaris Sunstar Emergency Tiller

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    Default Solaris Sunstar Emergency Tiller

    Have any other Sunstar owners fitted an inspection hatch in the steps so if in an emergency a tiller could be fitted onto the rudder shafts.

    I have been thinking of doing this but the circle for a cut out is not big enough to put in the smallest inspection cover I can find ie the circle gives a maximum of 90mm and the smallest hatch I can find is 110mm - I think, going from memory here

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    Default Re: Solaris Sunstar Emergency Tiller

    Maybe think of a different way of doing it.

    You first have to think out what emergency you are planning for. One of the likely ones would be the rudder stock becoming loose in the blade, so turning the stock would do nothing, you would have to control the blade.

    If you have a tie bar of some sort, can you disengage this and steer with the other rudder leaving one useless and passively following the other.

    If you have steering failure remember that you can trail a warp when out at sea. This can be done from either one quarter or the other, and otherwise from the middle of the stern. This works surprisingly well to control and stabilise the boat's heading.

    Steer by balancing your sails for the course you want. (An old fashioned approach!)

    It is probably a good idea to think out your options, needs and solutions before cutting holes.


    Nothing works on an old boat, except the skipper.

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    Default Re: Solaris Sunstar Emergency Tiller

    Also, it is good to practice all of the above maneuvours to see how they work on your particular boat.

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    Default Re: Solaris Sunstar Emergency Tiller

    Here's one that comes in at 95mm (3.75"), but that's still more than 90!

    I don't know about your linkage from wheel to quadrant, but if there are bits that can go wrong there, it may make sense!

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