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Thread: Sunsure/Textilene fabric

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    Default Sunsure/Textilene fabric

    I need to choose a color for my sail cover, berth cushions, and bridgedeck cushions.
    Sunsure/Textilene is an optional fabric for the bridgedeck cushions instead of Sunbrella.

    Has anyone used Sunsure for their cushions?
    Which would you choose? Sunbrella or Sunsure?

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    Looks like I will be the first to try Sunsure fabric.
    I will let you know how it works out.

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    Wink Re: Sunsure/Textilene fabric

    Hi Sir:
    We are one of the leading Textilene fabric manufacturer in China.
    If anyone who need this fabric,contact me.

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    Default Re: Sunsure/Textilene fabric

    The post above was duplicated and these have been removed. The most likely reason for the duplicates is people not understanding that your first post needs to be approved and thus they don't see it. I am of the view that the post itself is a reasonable response to the thread and not spam.

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    Except the Textilene brand is made by the Twitchell Corp out of Dothan, Alabama, USA

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