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Thread: Wanted: Lagoon TPI 42

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    cbcat Guest

    Default Wanted: Lagoon TPI 42

    I'm looking for a well cared for Lagoon TPI 42. Preferably For Sale by Owner & Carib or FL based.


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    If you are still looking, I've got a 1996 owners version available in Norfolk, VA. - Its no longer available as I'll be sailing it to San Diego.
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    Default Re: Wanted: Lagoon TPI 42

    Czar - do you still have your TPI for sale?
    If you do - send me an email to discuss.



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    Default Re: Wanted: Lagoon TPI 42

    I have a 1992 Lagoon 42 TPI, heading from Tahiti to Eastern Australia at the moment. We will have to sell her on arrival in Nov 09, anyone intereested?
    She has brought us safely from Norway, so far!


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    sackville currie Guest

    Default Re: Wanted: Lagoon TPI 42


    I am interested in buying your boat. Can you please advise some details, such as owner version or charter version, equipment fitted, any pictures?

    Where will you make landfall in Australia? Will you need to do some repairs before selling her?

    Did you meet my brother in Tahiti (Kelsall 48' cat Gillaroo - white with red stripes)?

    Sackville Currie

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    I am looking for a 37 or 42. Feel free to contact me if anyone is looking to sell. All conditions welcome.

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