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    Correct me if I am wrong...

    Moorings 3900 same hull as Sunsail 385 but is 3 cabin "Owners Version" - Stbd side suite with ensuite and storage in bow. New Extended hard top with raised portion at helm.

    Any other changes ?


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    I saw one that was due to be delivered to India from CT, I think the only difference is the hardtop.

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    just to update this old thread for anyone doing leopard 39 - moorings 3900 homework. The Moorings 3900 also has in addition to items listed above, a 6kw northern lights generator, led lighting, two 16,000 btu air conditioners, both electric heads. newer and updated Raymarine electronics. As mentioned, most of the 3900's are 3 cabin owners versions but there are a few 4 cabin/2 head versions out there. I don't remember if the 384 had solar panels.. but the 3900 does.

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