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Thread: Schionning 12.5 bi-rig

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    Default Schionning 12.5 bi-rig

    Originally from Mike:
    "Masts will be straight slanted back 4 degrees. The curved ones are best suited to sails with a luff pocket and not slides or cars. Masts are wings, rotating of course, and will fold down from just above the mains stack hieght. There is a drawing of them in the pix at my link. Lines will be internal to the mast and exit under the bridge deck, so no strings on deck."

    Hi Mike,

    On the original Radical Bay 8000 now called "SmartOne" and based in Simon's Town / Cape Town we (said as in "preferred and accepted crew member who does not complain about getting wet") have masts with groves and sails with plastic sliders, works without a problem despite the curved masts. Approx. two third up the sail at the front edge we have a block to lead the halyard down at a better angle.

    Why are you going for folding masts?

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    So he can get under a bridge from where he is building.

    I am very seriously thinking of having them made to fold down from just above the stack hieght of the main, so I can get under a local 7 meter bridge. This will add a few K but I think it will be worth it as I then have cheaper options for bething her.

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    Default Re: Schionning 12.5 bi-rig

    I can see that slides maybe fine for a full hoist but couldn't see how the shape would be good if reefed down.

    Yes the first reason was to get under a bridge but then start to think of some other reasons that make it attractive. It will certainly make it easy to get to the wind sensor

    I will have 3 lines in each mast, they will exit the fixed mount stub mast under the bridge deck and pop up to a central winch station. The only other lines i will have on the decks will be for the dagger board up and down hauls and am trying to think of a way to make them dissapear as well, maybe electric.
    Maybe i should have called it no strings attached . A sailboat with no strings


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