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Thread: Engine compartment flooding

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    Default Engine compartment flooding

    We got a call out to a Bahia 46 that had been dropped off by the delivery crew and had been standing a week, the one engine room was flooded to 3/4 way up the engine, turns out it was the engine raw water cooling hose had split and the water had flooded up until the outside sea level and stopped there. The bilge pump was not working.
    Needless to say the engine is hydrolocked and we are working with all speed to reverse this.

    The point to note here is that although the compartment flooded completely, all through bulkhead holes/conduits etc were above water level, so the boats integrity held.
    We have seen many cats that have had holes drilled below this level by unknowing contractors/owners, and this would have been catastrophic for this boat. As an FYI the boat has had close to zero maintenace, hence it getting to this issue.
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    Default Re: Engine compartment flooding

    a very good reminder

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    Default Re: Engine compartment flooding

    You can also make through bulkhead pipes watertight with packing glands, like non-adjustable packing glands for prop shafts.
    Currently concentrating on .

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