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    See map on blog for details

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    If anyone is interested in our experiences as we circumnavigate on 'Free Spirit' our Dolphin 460 please check out our blog:

    Any and all comments welcomed - encouraged even! I know I loved living vicariously before setting sail myself, so hopefully I can provide the same thing for others.

    If anyone has any specific questions; post them in the Dolphin section and I'll try to answer them as and when I can.

    Must dash, the sun is setting and I don't have a G&T ready yet!

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    Thanks :t)for the link Darren. We visited Free Spirit several times when Russell had her in NZ and Australia. She's a lovely boat and it's great to see what is happening with her these days. When you finally visit our part of the world we would love to meet up with you guys, perhaps share a G&T or 2

    Lisa and Clyde

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