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Thread: seawind 24 hard decks

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    Sorry ment defunct

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    It is a blessing in a way, it was running on a horrible bit of software running on a woeful server. Also simple things like posting photographs and links where a bigger issue than it should have been due to admins **** paranoia! All a bit silly really.

    And you where right the first time, it was a bit!

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    It was a pain when you could not log on for weeks (or months) at a time, but there was quite a bit of good info and pictures of the Seawind 24 that I wish I had saved somehow.

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    Sorry for the

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    Yes, it was a pity that all that user provided knowledge has gone! Not to mention the people... I just found this place after giving up for, oh I dunno, a year or two!

    Sa la vie!

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    Todd, how did your purchase go?

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    Default Seawind 24 UPDATE

    Well here's an update.
    The purchase went well and the transport from Louisianna to NY went well also. The boat arrived, my wife looked at the banged up green moldy boat and yelled at me for selling our beautiful Catalina 30. now over a month later I hear comments only every other
    The boat was a hurricane Katrina survivor (barely) so I am repairing the hull/deck joint in many places cutting areas out and reforming them. Also along the way uncovering and redoing some backwoods repairs that were done in the past (its amazing what some people will do when attempting to fiberglass without a clue). The cast aluminunm rudder castings were cracked in 2 places as well as the tiller arms which were completely cracked through at the bend and these are out for repair at a welding shop.

    My schedule is to complete fiberglass repairs this week. Fill and fair in 2 weeks then ready for prime and paint with awlgrip. A new square top full battened mainsail has been ordered. I am using the aluminum angle frame for the decks and putting in new marine plywood covered in marine carpet.
    The interior is practically barren and will work on that over the winter.

    Looking to launch 4th of July weekend.

    I do have another question. the Jib, I have seen some boats where the clew comes just to the mast making the foot dimension somewhere around 8'. I have seen others where the jib foot is much longer and mine is nearly 12' (I know the jib is not original to specs).
    I plan on installing a roller furling unit for the headsail but not sure where to mount the jib blocks and what size foot dimension to use if I cut the jib down.

    Thanks all!!

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    The original jib overlaps and sheets to midway down the hard deck/tramp on a wire traveler. That is turned trough a block on a track on the rear beam and then to the winches. The genoa sheets the same.

    Barracuda Australia do a short footed blade jib that sheets to the forward beam. It is much more efficient and sheets closer than the original setup, it is reportedly better all round. If I where you I'd ditch all the original setup and look at setting the blade up as self tacking. The original mess is where people need to be most of the time if you have extras on board, people get hit with clews etc... it is just a needlessly complex setup. Barracuda claim that the jib is better than the old genoa and that you need no more.

    I plan to stick more roach in the main and go for the small jib, then setup a screecher for close off the wind work where the extra HP will work. That with an asymmetric kite should do it. Looks to me like I could modify a J24 #1 as a screecher and use a skiff kite. There are plenty of one and two season old sails available that will do me!

    I am not sure I would go with a furler, the short jib is easy enough to handle IMO.

    There is one guy who moved the forestay out to the bows on a bridal, he used a furler and carries what looks to be a bigger headsail. Reportedly it works well.

    Lee sails, the original SW24 suppliers, still make sails in China. Apparently they are quite good indeed and the cheapest way to get new kit.

    Barracouta is around $600-700 for an new blade, I dunno about Lee.
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    If you don't mind a further thread intrusion (extrusion?), would anyone mind giving an estimate of setup time for the Seawind 24 after reaching the water? Thanks much.

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    Setup? From what point? My boat is moored, I can be sailing in 5 to 10 min's max.

    Takes 4 hours to pull down or reassemble a WELL SORTED boat, if not well sorted it takes all day. There are claims of it taking one hour in the old literature but I have never met someone who reckons they can do it!

    IMO they are more a transportable boat than a "trailer sailer".

    That said... if you have two well practiced guys, a good trailer and a boat that is pulled down regularly you might just push the hour mark... but... I'd like to come watch just to see it happen!


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    First break down, 8 hours, two people, NO BEER BREAKS! After bottom job, first set up, 8 hours, this time 3-4 breaks, since then she lives in a slip, 15-20 min to sail.

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    Zed is "Chat De La Mer" yours?

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    No I am in Australia, that one is a US boat that belongs to a guy named Tom. He lengthened it, moved the forestay forward and had a custom cover built for cruising among other things.

    You can find him here if you have any questions about his boat. He has been quite approachable on other forums so I'd guess he'd not mind.

    There where a bunch of photo's on the web but I think they went down with that other forum site.

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    Oh yeah... I found this floating around, I have a copy but hadn't seen it on the web.

    Check the trailering claims on page two....

    Hmmmmmm, they where better men than I

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    Thanks for the links Zed, I actually have that brochure, the person who I bought the boat from was a engineer, (grad. of Texas A&M) who kept everything related to the boat. He also built a model to test the stresses of raising and lowering the mast, which was included in the sale, along with the factory tent, though I have never put it up. I prefer the tarp arrangment I came up with. If it ever gets that cold here, (rarely) I will sleep in the hull.
    I am about to pull her from the water for some long needed repair and upgrades, also the fact that my marina has more than doubled my slip fee.
    If finances improve, I'd like to attempt the hull extensions, just for the experiance. The boat is plenty fast in her original form, especially since I single hand 98% of the time. If I get a wild hair I can easily cruise at 12-15 knts., in the right conditions.

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    Haul out costs are getting silly where I am as well. I'm considering building a trailer for winter, putting copper epoxy "permanent" anti foul on the bottom and fitting an ultrasonic antifoul device in a belt and braces approach.

    It will payback in 3 years IMO and save me the hassle of the extended trip to a yard with the gear to haul out the 16' of beam the SW has, my near by facilities just can't get the lil old SW24 out of the drink!

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    Zed, for what it's worth, I have the uk supplied Ultrasonic system that looks the same as the one you have in USA.

    My boat is in a heavy fouling area, Poole harbour, and is on a swinging mooring. I have found the system to be good. Not perfect, it doesn't claim to be. My cat has wooden rudders and skegs that supposed to not be protected by Ultrasonic, but they are somewhat. Also the engine is a centrally mounted outboard clamped onto a tiltable board. This is not supposed to be protected, but it is and this was my primary aim as I can't get to it to clean it in the season. The hulls are well protected with a fringe of weed at the waterline, some small quantity of barnacles but these come off easily even with a plastic scraper.

    This is all as good or better than they claim.

    I fitted two transducers (which have to be fitted properly, with care) as the boat is 26ft and obviously 2 hulls.

    Overall I score the system 7 to 8 out of 10.

    If you are going to put copper of some type on the bottom, you should get even better results.

    Good luck.

    Nothing works on an old boat, except the skipper.

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    Hey Mike,

    I am down here in Oz

    Thanks for the feed back! There is a guy in my bay who has fitted the system I linked to, basically it is a DIY cheapo version of the full kit that is being sold. He has an Aluminum boat and so far he looks to be getting good results, as you say the waterline is the only area fouling significantly.

    I figure that the copper epoxy bottom should help it along and seeing as I really should clean the hulls back to treat some gelcoat blistering I figure using the copper epoxy as a sealer instead of straight epoxy will add little expense to the whole job.

    The big one will be knocking up a trailer, yard space is limited around my way and not what I call cheap. I figure that being able to drag her home in winter for maintenance will more than justify the expense of the trailer.

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    Hello All,
    I built a set of the hard deck similar to Zed's using 3/4" core cell foam wrapped in bi axial fiberglass. They are plenty strong, and only weigh about 35 lbs per side. Let me see if I can get some photos up.

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    Nice job! I baulked at the cost of foam, but they'd be nice and light. I know a guy who used Polycore (Nidaplast type stuff), that was also much lighter and stiffer than mine.

    I like the cover!

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