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Thread: USA Cruising Insurance More Expensive

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    Default USA Cruising Insurance More Expensive

    I was, at first surprised that when I asked my insurance agent Velos about cruising onto Florida they wanted another $1600 over on op of my Caribbean coverage. They also reduce the public liability to 1 million. I can only guess that this is due the litigation nature of the USA.

    In fairness they do offer a rate that is below 1% of the insured value and that includes my video equipment.
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    Default Re: USA Cruising Insurance More Expensive

    That is because they know that the boaters here in Florida stink and will most likely run you down and be uninsured, especially the wave runners. A week doesn't go by that we don't read a story about some fool running into a bridge, dock or boat at full speed on one of those suckers.

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