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Thread: Solaris 42 for sale [sadly]

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    Hello everyone
    Almost two years ago we bought "Keikkokala" - our second Solaris42 with the best intention of giving her a complete refit for living aboard and cruising ; we always regretted selling our first one ! Since then I have been asked to take up the position of cheif instructor for a sailing school here in Greece.This leaves us no time to finish the work on the boat and I quite simply cannot afford to pay other people to do the work.Many improvements have been made - new yanmar saildrives 500 hrs,new rigging 2010, new fuel and water tanks,simpson davits,new tigres windlass,new solar panels and much more . The work required is mainly cosmetic and most of the sails need replaced.She is an excellent project for someone who can do most of the work themselves and is currently out of the water in Preveza Greece.If any one is interested please contact us and we will try to organise some photos.[No brokers please ! ]We are still continuing with some of the work in progress before the season gets into full swing!
    Graham & Tanya

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    Hello and welcome to the forums.

    It might be worth your while making a post on the Multihulls on the Market forum, and attach some pictures, the spec, inventory, price, etc.

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    Hi Graham & Tanya,
    kindly let me know the facts about this boat. price, specifications, fotos and all these desperately needed things.
    Best regards!

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    Hello Daniel
    Sorry for the delay !!
    Easiest way to see photos etc is at :
    [solaris 42] Obviously the price is 10 percent less without the broker

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    She's obviously bigger than she looks with a displacement of 19,000 tonnes and a draft of 3.6m.
    Or the broker has listed the details incorrectly


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    Hi Graham,
    thanks for the reply. Can we communicate more privately via our emailadresses? Mine will be Lets make a date for visiting the boat in GR and let us talk about the boat. Hope to read from you soon!


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