Knox Scientific PTY LTD Perth Western Australia,

Thats the site with all the info on Hydrogen Generators, For Boats, Cars, Trucks, Buses.

I was talking about these systems on here a while back, But could not find the thread on it, so I have started a new one,

This HHO system is the one with all the conspiracy theories and equiptment dissapearing,
Oil companys buying the Patents and then dissapearing into their Bunkers never to be seen again. Etc,Etc,

Have a look at it your selves, And form your own conclusions,

This is also the system that was impossible to make or produce, And did not exist,

No, I am not Arguing about it in any way, This is just an information thread for you to peruse at your leasure.

This is a system you can buy freely now, I got it this one off Alibaba, but there are lots of other companys now producing these systems.

And relatively cheap as well,

This system is the one that I previously said you could build for your self for $200-00

It runs on sea water, produces Hydrogen from a small tank in the boot, and runs your car for nothing,