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Thread: Insuring boats on mooring in Aus

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    Default Insuring boats on mooring in Aus

    With the recent series of disasterous weather events in East coast Aus, there are rumblings that many of the major insurers are going to stop insuring any boat kept on a swing mooring!

    That's going to affect one hell of a lot of people! There would be thousands of boats kept on moorings in Aus.

    There are suggestions that boat owners will have to prove they keep their boat in a marina. Not sure how that will impact on my insurance - I don't really keep the boat anywhere - we liveaboard and cruise full time, probably spend 95% of the time at anchor, and occassionally use public moorings.

    It never seems to get easier/cheaper/better to own a boat, does it?

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    Default Re: Insuring boats on mooring in Aus

    I have recently been through the insurance search thing. Went with Trident. At the time of enquiring I was sitting on a friends private mooring, so that was the answer to their question of where the boat was kept - private mooring.
    Had I been keeping my boat in a marina, the quote would have been 100 dollars cheaper.

    Insurance is a numbers game.

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