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Thread: | Find the best boat insurance for your situation

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    Thanks for the reply TabbyCat, always nice to see an industry insider comment on the topic.

    A few points however:

    The intention of would not be to get multiple quotes from the same insurer - it would be to get one quote from as many insurance company as possible in a way that protects the cruiser's contact info towards said insurance companies.

    The intention would also not be to compare your quotes to those of your neighbors - it would be to provide more transparency on the trade-offs of the quotes received. Basically listing all the differences and nuances good brokers take into account, maybe make a suggestion but not a decision.

    The underlying idea is that cruisers are more than able to decide for themselves which insurance quote they want to go for when given all the relevant info. In a reputation based business out educating your competitors is both a good marketing strategy and it overcomes the principal-agency problem as well.

    The process would also repeat a few weeks before each renewal date.

    Please feel free to tell me where I go wrong.

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    That's odd, maybe you had a slow connection?
    Anyway, if you fill out the questionnaire below and send it to me, I'll get you a quote ASAP.

    Street address-
    City / State / ZIP-
    Home phone-
    Work phone-
    E-Mail address-

    Date of Birth-
    Years of boating experience-
    Size(s) & Type(s) of Boat(s) operated-
    Years of boat ownership (any boat)-
    Size(s) & Type(s) of Boat(s) owned-
    Boating courses completed-
    License held (if any)-
    Current insurance company-
    Expiration date-
    Describe boating accidents or losses, last 5 years-
    (date, cause, amount)

    (repeat details for any other regular operator)-

    Model year-
    Model (or rig)-
    Length overall-
    Mast Material-
    Purchase Date-
    Purchase Cost-
    Total Investment-
    (improvements, not maintenance)

    Total Horsepower-

    Automatic extinguisher [ ]
    Fume detector [ ]
    Theft Alarm [ ]
    VHF radio [x ]
    Depth finder [x ]
    Loran or GPS [x ]
    Radar [ ]
    EPIRB [ ]
    ***tant [ ]
    Paper Charts [ ]
    Weather Fax [ ]
    Storm Sails [ ]
    Describe Ground Tackle-
    Other safety gear-

    TENDER:details to follow
    Model year-
    Model or length-
    Engine year-

    Private pleasure [x ]
    Liveaboard [x ]
    Captain charter [ ]
    Bareboat charter [ ]
    Racing [ ]
    Number of paid crew [ ]
    Navigation area-
    Where will the boat be during hurricane /cyclone season? -

    Regular Mooring Location-regularly cruising
    Lay-up Period-

    Hull & equipment value-
    Liability limit-
    Tender value & motor value-
    Other specifications-

    How did you learn about International Marine Insurance Services?- Susan/Cruiser's Forum


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    Default Re: | Find the best boat insurance for your situation

    Update: The insurance companies didn't seem to keen to cooperate on this project. Therefore it is cancelled.

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