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Thread: Mapping facility now extended to other boats

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    It looks an interesting site. Are you intending to expand it to more than just Lagoons?

    I have replicated my lagoon mapping website to a website called, which is available for all boats, owners, crew etc. Hopefully this will not take members away from my website.

    Have a play with it and let me know if you would like any additional features or if you see any errors. Be quick, as I am due to return to my boat in the Balearics (lagoon 380) next month for the summer season. Look me up on the map.

    I have expanded the message board facilities from my original website specifically for anchorages, marinas and gems on the treasure map. It is not intended to replace these fabulous forums, but to provide content-specific discussions on places to anchor from people who have been there are are currently there.

    Hopefully, people will write about the good points and bad points of all the anchorages that they visit. I am not intending to replace the superb ActiveCaptain website either, as they provide different data and not who is currently at an anchorage or marina or what they currently think of it.

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