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    I know multihullers are famous for drilling holes in their toothbrushes to keep things light, but in the real world maintaning good dental health while cruising is very important.

    To this end we have persevered for many years trying to keep our mains voltage Braun electric toothbrushes charged by having to run an inverter for 12-14 hours some models refused to charge on an inverter at all. We even contacted them about a 12v version and were ignored.

    Well it appears that some companies do have their eye on the ball and Philips have just released their Sonicare DiamondClean HX9332/04 this top of the range piece of kit has a USB charger included as standard as well as the mains charger. This means that we can maintain its full charge by plugging into 12v.

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    We have used Sonicare for years with no problems charging. We simply leave it on the mains charger, which gets short and random periods of power when we turn on the inverter for other things. Probably no more than 10-15min each day, but it seems enough to keep them going for the past 5 years.

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    We used Braun models running on standard batteries, charged by a fast 12v charger.
    Still have all my teeth :-)

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    I've used Sonicares since they became available. Love them, except, unless they have changed for the better recently, they use NiCads, which will last longer when fully discharged and fully recharged as opposed to charging them nightly.

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