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Thread: Sinking Avoidance,

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    Quote Originally Posted by therapy View Post
    Here is how a Gem floats once filled with water.
    Thank you for those piccys,

    Thats what I thought, But I didnt expect the Gem to even stay on the surface,

    I would like to achieve better floatation than that,
    Pump up air bags will keep it on the surface, Where pumps wont,

    It is purely a survival mode, For dire emergencys only. I have been there once, I dont intend repeating the process,

    But if it ever happens again, I will be prepared for it,

    I only rely on me, So being prepared for the worst, should get me out of any trouble I may incur,

    Its similar to, Dont go sailing in a Cyclone,

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    If you want to work a little harder and have the same result you can go to the Yahoo group and join. There was a guy there that filled multiple voids/places (there are a lot of them) with foam "battens" and now his is unsinkable. He did a lot of math etc and wrote it up pretty well.

    I don't know what his water line calculation was but bet it is lower than what you will end up with. Plus filling those things will take time. A CO2 bottle does not have much in it. Maybe a large fire extinguisher. But then how big and strong is the valve you will be jetting it through.

    You have some design engineering to do before it can be considered to work when needed.

    Best of luck.

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