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    Recently relaunched after paint job, including rather prominent red boot-stripe which highlights any load imbalance. Fiilled watertanks 100% before launching, without thinking much about 600 litres of water weighing 600kg..

    The water tanks are basically under the mast, but the capacity is probably excessive for a light-ish displacement 40ft cat. The effect can be seen in the attached split-image pic. I will need to adjust the boot-stripe during the next haul-out.

    My first reaction was to blame the yard but when I thought it through, and studied earlier photos, I could see that the original lines seem to have been designed for empty water tanks (fuel tanks [aft] were full in both pics, but fuel tank capacity is only 300litres)
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    I may be talking rubbish for your boat. But that would seem to be what you would expect for that sort of extra load on a light boat. The boot-topping is probably right for when you are setting her up for light load and sporty performance.

    Nothing works on an old boat, except the skipper.

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