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Thread: New design "CLASS 5" from O Yachts

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    Default New design "CLASS 5" from O Yachts

    O Yachts shipyard have just announced his new design : CLASS 5.
    "Luxury on the largest size (reasonable) for a couple".
    We changed mast position backward to reduce main sail area, this makes your life much simpler. This configuration also gives a huge interior for saloon (see 2D top view).
    To better balance the boat was also key, so we moved engines, right in the center, at the mast bulkhead.
    Regarding equipment, the boat will have a very strong loading capacity with over 3T.

    more on :

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    Default Re: New design "CLASS 5" from O Yachts

    I'm interested in the hybrid part:

    For Hybrid electric / diesiel propulsion, please contact us as we did two boats already.
    Unquote from your class 4 spec page.

    Do you have any details?
    Sailors do it with the wind ....

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    Default Re: New design "CLASS 5" from O Yachts

    Boat 1 : sail drive electric engines / genarator / Lithium park

    Boat 2 : traditional diesel engines with electric engine on the shaft. Lithium park.

    Both solutions works and both have pros and cons.
    Electric propulsion or Hybrid are really owner choice. Personally I am very conservative and focused on security .... so not fanatic with hybrid.
    The good thing for O Yachts is that shipyard and local sub contractors have now experience on Electric propulsion.

    The main problem for me with electric is the generator that needs to be big and heavy to deliver full power (... you can not rely on electric when transatlantic !). So when you add all the parts, you end with a system heavier than traditional diesel engine. Meanwhile for big boat with air conditioning you need to add a generator and weight is about equal...

    My dream would be to find generator engines made of light material like aluminium .... but this material needs to be extensively tested before you put it in a boat !

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