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Thread: New Neel Owners

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    Chafe on chain?
    I'm assuming the plastic bottle stuffed under the chain (look at the picture, near the furler) is to protect the carbon fibre. Why else would it be there?

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    Yeah, I see what you're talking about now. They definitely need to do something about that.

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    As an owner we did address the chain chafe with the builder. They told us we could add something (stainless rail) but said that part of the boat is very strong and very thick... I.e. Let it chafe, since chafe doesn't rust and can be easily fixed since it is polyester. We opted to leave it and tolerate a little chafing.

    On a side note, what do you guys think the red line is for? Is that something for flying a genaker, or is it something to use in hooking in to a mooring ball?

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    i've been curious about the helm and visibility. It looks difficult to see the starboard ama or through the jib/gen. Also, the rigging looks very simple but so simple it seems difficult to trim the sails, especially the main. love to see some non- promo videos from the boat under sail.

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