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    In the process of fixing the height adjustment on the telescopic barstool stand in the salon it was necessary to unscrew the base from the floor. Upon doing so I found a black spongy, rather mildewed material. I assume it is some sort of insulation or sound deadening material. Anyone know what it is? Is it supposed to be black?
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    can't see the picture, but it may be merely plywood which has rotted.

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    There is a little dry rot at the edges but most of the mildew and mold seems to be under the floor. I am running a heater on it for a few days to dry it out.
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    I replaced the salon floor on my 435. After years of wet people entering the cabin, the floor had become a little soft. There are fiberglass stringers under the floor and ply is attached to them. There was no other material under there other than the ply. I have posted a photo for you. I have plenty more if you need them. When I remade mine, I covered the floor with ply and a thin layer of CSM glass.


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    Interesting, wouldn't have thought of redoing it with glass. Can you elaborate a bit and where did you get the glass? How is it holding up, do you paint it, varnish?
    Thanks for any info. We were considering adding a couple coats of varnish but there are some spots that would still show, may reconsider.

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