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    From some old books I've collected about the sailboats I know that a boat is supposed to have a way to fight some water intrusion. Some races, if I remember correctly, even require backup options, like, bilge pump or two, and manual option that could be used while steering the boat.
    I recognize the difference a "no lead at the bottom" would make, but, since our boats are, actually, solid glass hulls, and that probably would sink if holed?
    Then the idea of installing and maintaining a set of two pumps in each hull is kinda intimidating.
    Does anybody have an opinion or advice on the topic?

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    About 10 years ago I had one of my 24's (I had 2 almost as bad as 2 wives!) hauled out to be antifouled and it had two holes in the port hull and discharged water for around 20minutes.

    The hull has two (supposed) watertight compartments plus styrene foam under the floors.

    In all honesty I don't think they would sink if you chopped a hole in the bottom of each hull.

    I still have one of my boats and it sits on a mooring all year without any pumps.

    I will say I have considered using an expanding foam (marine grade not the stuff in a spray can) and filling the hulls but after 10 years neither tried to sink.

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