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    After a decade of owning our Voyage 440 charter version IMILOA, we are now the proud owners of an owner's version Voyage 500, formerly PUMA but now also IMILOA. Our original plan was to refit the 440 for long term cruising when her charter days were over, but as we looked into the cost of refitting we decided to see what might be available that was already ready to go, and ideally was on owners version. We weren't necessarily looking for a 50, but we just happened on this boat at the perfect time. All the stars aligned and we were able to buy the 500 and sell the 440 in the same month! The new owner of our 440 is keeping her in charter in the BVI and keeping the same name, so there are two Voyage IMILOA's sailing now (IMILOA means "Voyager" in Polynesian, BTW)

    Our plan is to leave Florida after hurricane season and cruise the Caribbean this winter. The 500 is well equipped and in great condition, but I bought her without having any access to the former owner, who has "moved on". So I am hoping some of the other 500 owners in this group can be a resource in helping me sort out some of the idiosyncrasies of the design.



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    Congratulations. Repeat owners are a testament to a brand.

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    Congratulations Tom.

    We bought ours out of FL a few years ago and have done quite a few modifications and adjustments to suit ourselves. Just PM us if you have any particular questions that you would like to know and if we don't know the answer I will put you in touch with someone in the Voyage factory who may have the answer. We find our ex-charter version a good all round sail boat. Much faster than our previous monohulls and would not go back to a mono. Hope you keep coming after the Caribbean into the Pacific and will catch up to you somewhere out there in a year or so!

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    Congratulations, and have a great cruise!

    "People sail for fun and no one has yet convinced me that it's more fun to go slow than it is to go fast." -- Dick Newick

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