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    Looking to re power Lagoon 440. Current engines Yanmar 4jh4e and sd40 saildrives. Boat currently in Panama City, Panama and would like to have some knowledge before proceeding. Had engines rebuilt in Grenada and after approx 100hrs engines need to be replaced. Would not like to repeat mistake.

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    Probably better to replace like with like. There might be better engines about but straight swap will avoid lots of incompatibility problems with connections to sail drives, propellers cooling lines, exhaust fittings. You could go for a short engine and save on peripherals, starters, alternators, etc.

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    When I talked to Yanmar on short block, they said cost of block without pistons ect.. was about $6000 us.

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    In the auto world a short block is basically the block, pistons, and crank and do not include the head(s). You can get it to add your own HO cam and timing parts sometimes. A long block is the complete engine minus valve covers, oil pan and such but these can vary. Both versions usually exclude alternators and bolt on peripherals like aircon, power steering etc. It sounds like your short block with no pistons is just a block. The rule of thumb is that a complete new marine diesel installation will run about $200 to $400 per horsepower and those are 55HP each. Ouch!
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    I've done some research on repowering recently a settled on either Beta or Nanni. They both sell drop in replacements for a whole ton of engine/saildrive combos. Cooling, exhaust, ect all match up.

    Nanni has the lead for me due to the price and reviews in Europe. Parts for both are available worldwide.

    I was researching the 30hp size and for a complete replacement (including saildrive) it was about 11K USD. If I kept the saildrive it was about $8500 for the engine.

    Maybe check them out.

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