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    Any information on the facilities and anchorage details for Grand Baie would be greatly appreciated.

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    Grand Baie is reasonably well protected from the prevailing winds and the entrance to the bay is sufficiently shallow with a long channel through and over the reef that not much ocean swell can get in during normal (non-cyclone) weather. The channel is rather vaguely marked. follow the local boats in the first time to get the lay of the land.

    You will have to anchor several hundred metres offshore as the local boats have filled the areas near the beaches with their moorings. The holding is excellent but the dinghy ride ashore can be wet as the trade winds blow vigorously most of the time.

    Anchorage off the yacht club near the entrace to the bay allows you to make use of their restrooms and restaurant. It is about a 20 minute walk from there to downtown. We preferred to move a little further into the bay and leave our tender on the beach in front of a restaurant when we were only going to be ashore for a couple of hours. We experienced no theft in our two weeks there but then we were using a very well-used old Zodiac with a battered old motor. When we were going on tours around the island (it is very inexpensive to hire a car and driver) we left the dinghy at the yacht club.

    A large, well-stocked supermarket/hardware store/bottle shop is only a 10-minute walk from the beach. If you have a large shopping they will deliver it back to your dinghy but you may have to wait a while for the truck to be available. If you are in a hurry, taxis are cheap. We just carrried our groceries in back packs and shopping bags. Bring your own shopping bags, they don't have plastic bags.

    The restaurants are not as low priced as in Rodrigues but the food is every bit as good and some of the places are truly exceptional. In addition to the local Creole cuisine you can find a bit of almost every style of cooking there. Wine and liquor is very cheap. A bottle of good local rum cost the equivalent about $3.00 US. International brand liquors cost much less than at most airport duty-free stores.

    We found a commercial laundry in the shopping centre that would wash, dry and fold our laundry for less than we would pay to do it ourselves in a laundromat in Australia or the USA.

    You will not find much in the way of boat repair supplies, cordage or services such as sail repairs but ask around. There are more than a dozen charter catamarans in Grand Baie and perhaps 50 private yachts. They have to maintain these boats. If you can't find what you need locally you can take the bus to Port Louis. If all else fails the local sailors will tell you where they order gear when it has to flown in.

    Visit the Sugar Museum, the Botanical Gardens, the main museum in Port Louis and the market in Port Louis - all by bus - and take a full day tour of the island with a driver/guide while you are there. SCUBA diving and full range of resort amusements is available.


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