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    cited a third time and then filed for divorce. Lead to a prosecution held that the second court after the verdict, the plaintiff and defendant was often quarrel, unable to married life, marital relations has been completely broken, the court ruling in November 2011 the couple divorced.After the judgment of the court to order the couple divorced in force, Wei as a door-law,toms outlet, as an excuse for various reasons,boutique louboutin paris, do not want to leave cited a home,tn pas cher, for which the two sides quarrel many times, but still a great stay in the lead of a home does not go.Wei moved within thirty days from the date of a cited a fourth time this year in February to Pinghu court asked for a move away from Scott, the Court held a public hearing of a complaint the plaintiff cited a defendant Wei restitution dispute case,christian louboutin discount, and the decision comes into force residential houses,outlet woolrich bologna indirizzo, will lead to vacate a house. No shelter because of a great, is hardship, may lead to a one-time grant appropriate subsidies.Since then, Scott has not moved out of a still, cited a court application for enforcement. Until December 22 cited a certain compensation 10,air max,000 yuan Wei after Wei finally agreed a move.It is understood that, although there are a great number of wage income, but spent almost all the above medication. Cited in a divorce case and do not involve the division of property and child support, the woman as long as he is gone, do not ask him the burden of child rearing costs.(Original title: door-law had detected "impotence" his wife played four lawsuits to "out t3 years. 40-year-old Huang Qiang Fall in love with the female network anchor, chat to sell off more than 100 million fortune. 62-year-old father of Huang picking up all the debt, the debt-ridden to save his son.62-year-old father Wage arrears for children also Fall in love with the son of the female anchors More than 100 million in debtHuang, who lives in Jiangbei District panxi the introduction of the last century the 1980s, he took his wife and son in the city do fruit, hot pot, soy and other business, easy life flies relatively moist. In recent years,nike tn 2014, he registered a company, let his wife as the legal representative,hollister california, his son do shareholders. "My Lord,magasin hollister, the wife management accounts, the son of delivery." Huang said the company in 2013,christian louboutin pas cher, in 2014 earned hundreds of million years."Before, I did not say finances. Last August 15 I would like to dish about the account and found that not only did not earn, the company has more than 100 million debt owed." Huang almost gas halo, asked that, bonds are the two In Internet chat chat son come.It turned out that by the end of 2012 began, Huang Qiang accidentally entered a chat room. still connected to the end of 2013 will Linlin Chongqing play."He's two female wanderers who spent 80 million yuan, of which the majority are planning to go from the company account, less than half of the money is borrowed usury." Huang sighed that these usury company caused the collapse.Father from dawn to dusk For children also usuryHuang Qiang chat this time, his estranged wife back from the dead, his mother advised refusing Chan, only left unchecked. Huang inventory until the company accounts when caught.Huang know why after the big light the fire, in September of that year with his wife insisted on divorce. Soon, Huang Qiang and his wife are divorced, the company points to his wife."This thing actually hiding me for so long,chaussures louboutin pas cher, if she earlier told me that there would be today." Huang said.Today, many creditors dun Huang Qiang hands money, Chan began shattering. Faced with this dilemma his wife,air max femme pas cher, Huang decided to stand up and take on debt obligations."In order to make money to plug this hole,Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers, a few friends to help me, opened a food company shares my point. register to become a member after recharge, chat up with a beautiful anchor.After some time, a strong start for the female anchor yellow flowers, gifts to buy, upgrade their membership level.Huang Qiang female anchor is far from clear in the Anhui Nana,toms online sale, expressed his affection,cheap christian louboutin, rent a BMW car from Chongqing open to Anhui to find Nana, all expenses are in local Huang Qiang pay."The end of 2012 to April 2013, he has gone six times Anhui,louboutin femme pas cher, spent nearly 30 million, in the hands of the money was gone, he would carry me in the name of the company to borrow usury." Huang said, and later his wife He admitted to his son to borrow money,tom ford shoes, she made a guarantor.Since then,tn pas chere, Huang Qiang has found another one from Henan female anchor Linlin. The only ran Henan Huang Qiang play. ????????

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    Spammer I think. I wouldn't click on the links.

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