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    Does anyone know a source for lifeline stanchions? We need to put in 2 additional posts to give us a "gate". The base of the stanchions on our Tobago 35 are curved - most of the bases I can find online are flat.

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    Thanks for that link, I may use them for other hardware. This morning I found an email for Fountaine Pajot service - and sent them a note. They almost immediately replied with availability and pricing for the stanchion base. Just 17EUR ! The shipping will be more than that....but it will match the existing exactly. Very pleased with the response from Fountaine Pajot1

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    Would you mind posting the email address for Fountaine Pajot service? I have not been successful at finding one that works.

    Mike F.
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    Here it is:

    I also wrote out the question in English - used Google Translate to translate it to French. Then I attached both as the note. He answered in very good English!


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    Thank you

    Mike F.
    1994 Tobago
    "Lauren Marie"

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