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    Does anybody no where i can insure my trimaran on comprhensive insurance it is in Australia and on a swing mooring that i have checked every 3 months bya qualified diver have 2 ropes to mooring and 2 ropes to mast of mooring and when used only do short trips i dont care what country i have to insure it just need to have it covered

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    I have been looking at Insurance all over the world got a quote of a broker in France that was that high i would have to donate the boat to get 3 months insurance i really dont see what insurance compenys have a vandetta againsty tris that are not raced have 27 compartments to stop them sinking and they still wont insure themi looked at a tri that is for sale and both outer hulls are that rotten that you can see fish swimming bellow and it is still nvfloating it bit was a multib or mono nit would be on the bottom

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    Have you asked Pantaenius?

    Nothing works on an old boat, except the skipper.

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