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Thread: Cost Concious Cruising with Lin Pardey

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    Default Cost Concious Cruising with Lin Pardey

    Episode 51 of The Sailing Podcast is with Lin Pardey who shares some advice on Cost Control while Cruising. Tory Salvia of The Sailing Channel suggested I contact Lin and Larry Pardey as a follow up to the “How to earn money while Cruising” episode with Paul and Sheryl Shard.

    Lin has presented some of this information at sailing seminars as well as in her book called “Cost Conscious Cruiser”. Lin and Larry also have a video called “Cost control while you cruise”, which was produced in conjunction with The Sailing Channel and is available on Vimeo.

    In this episode we hear about:
    • how Lin and Larry Pardey have travelled over 200,000 miles
    • how Lin started writing for sailing magazines
    • how their most popular book is the Storm tactics Handbook
    • tips on how to control your costs while cruising

    Cost Control while you Cruise link -

    After sailing over 200,000 miles Lin and Larry are well equipped to help people understand what it takes to be a cost conscious cruiser. They have build a reputation upon sailing small yachts across all the oceans and are the voice of reason with their motto of ‘Go Small, Go Simple, Go Now”.

    I learnt some interesting facts while interviewing Lin Pardey. They have sailed ‘west about’ all the the southern capes as well as below Matsukar Island (under Tasmania). By West about, it means they have travelled against the prevailing winds to achieve this feat in a small yacht. There was also a conversation about how her favourite book is ‘Bull Canyon’. This is the story of the time spent building their 2nd yacht, Talisman. If fact they have only just sold this boat recently and some lucky owners are about to start new adventures in her.

    The conversation did eventually turn to some advice on how to keep your costs under control while cruising. This included:
    • Making sure your systems can work independently and be isolated should another system fail
    • Be prepared to sail on without some systems so you can organise repairs where it is most cost effective
    • Have a set of light air sails so when the wind is light you can still keep sailing instead of turning on the (smelly, noisy) motor
    • consider how to cruise in company without always cruising in company.. While it is great to stay in contact with the sailing community, there are advantages to being alone. For example, you are more likely to meet the locals when you arrive at an anchorage alone
    • Know how to fix your own sailing gear. This will save on expensive repairs in out of the way ports where you might be at the mercy of the local expert
    All of these things add up to a lower average cost of cruising, which means your budget will go further and you can stay out sailing for longer.

    The conversation turned to books again because an autobiography was recently written by Herb McCormick about Lin and Larry Pardey called “As long as it’s fun”. The Pardeys have had such an adventurous life and it is great to see that the whole story has been written for everyone to enjoy. The bonus fun fact for me what how the book has also come out as an audiobook on Audible.

    I like to listen to audiobooks while driving or walking the dog on the beach so I have used my credit to get a copy of “As long as its fun” to listen to. I have a promotion to offer from Audible that will let you get one free credit to download a book on Audible by trialing their monthly plan.

    Just go to and this will redirect you to the Audible Trial Website. You can get a free audiobook by trialing their monthly plan. Even if you decide to cancel before your 30 day trial ends, you get to keep the audiobook.

    It was great to interview Lin and I hope I can invite her back again sometime to share her knowledge again.

    Upcoming guests:

    I still have an interview with Franz Amussen from the “Sailing in the Mediterranean” podcast as well as having caught up with Film-Maker Yves Gelinas about how the movie “Jean-du-Sud around the world” has been re-released in HD

    Fun fact - Lin and Larry Pardey began their sailing in 1965, the same year I was born. I guess both of us can celebrate the 50th year anniversary together!

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    Default Re: Cost Concious Cruising with Lin Pardey

    I just can't get enough of this podcast.

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