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    Born to Cruise was sometime prior to Sept. 2013 renamed Sweet Escape. My family acquired it on FLL sailed it through the Keys to Providenciales where it is currently permanently based. It has gone through a near complete refit, two rebuild Yanmars and Instruments and lots of cosmetics. A new life it seems for the old girl. Just for those who might be curious.

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    What model Solaris? Got any pictures?
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    Quote Originally Posted by FSMike View Post
    What model Solaris? Got any pictures?
    Hello Mike, I have some good pictures on my computer back home but none here as I am traveling in British Columbia. The best information can be found on a Utube search, Sweet Escape, Multihulls Magazine. It is the video that was up at the time we purchased in. We traveled through the Keys to Providenciales where I live.
    It is the Solaris 39' 9", now has all the upholstery in dark blue, hatches and electronics replaced and two rebuilt engines.

    Pleased to make you acquaintance.

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    'Estrella del Sur' is currently on the hard in Fort Pierce, Florida for hurricane season.

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    Sorry for the delay in responding, but I have not been on the site for a few months as life has intervened. I am the owner of a sistership - hull#14 bulit in 1994. I retired on July 15th and was expecting to depart Lake Ontario in September, through the New York State canal system to the Hudson and then to the Chesepeake, to wait out hurricane season prior to heading south. Sadly the yard who we had contracted to repair spongey areas in the aft deck and rudders and to awlgrip the topsides (and who were to have completed the work by late July) still had not completed work by mid October, by which time it had become too late to depart this year. In the result, we have rented a condo in Siesta Key Fla. (from where I type this) until xmas and then after 10 days back home, depart to Montserrat, where we have rented a villa until March. We will then return to Canada, finish off the boat, test out our new sails, rigging and systems and depart next summer.

    As you can tell, our boat has also undergone an extensive (and expensive - $70K and counting) refit, but I won't bore you with the details. Hope you are enjoying your boat and that we cross paths in the next couple of years.


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