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    Hi Seawind community. I'm presently looking around for a sailing cat in the 10m size range. There are a few Seawind 1000s for sale, used, withing reasonable sailing distance from where I would moor it (Vancouver, Canada). They're supposedly pretty capable, at least once you add the transom extensions that have been merged into the 1000XL design.

    Without ever having been on a 1000, however, a big red flag for me is that the saloon is wide open to the cockpit. This seems great for entertaining and cruising in the sweltering tropics, but it looks rather uncomfortable for this region in any season but the heat of summer. There must be a few seawinds in the US Pacific NW, at least. I wonder what they do?

    I suspect that you could insulate the weawind's cockpit and build an aft wall for the saloon. Of course, with the way the cockpit is laid out, large windows in this aft wall would be both needed, and quite pleasant. This wall could even be made removable (with screws and gaskets?) for elegant cruising in the summer months. I would think that this sort of modification with a nice secure door would make the boat not just more comfortable, but safer in rough seas. If you get any water on the cockpit floor as it is, it'll slosh into the saloon. With a wall/door/threshold, water would stay in the cockpit.

    What have various Seawind owners done to make their boats more comfortable for cold-weather cruising/living? What experience and wisdom can you share?

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    See they took their 1000 to Alsaka.

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    Take a look at the land based accommodation, summer homes etc nearby and compare what is necessary. Might Be worth contacting Richard Woods he is based in your area these days.

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    As Ozmultis said, KatieKat site gives an indication of how comfortable a SW1000 is in cold weather.

    Our own experience - We have now lived aboard our SW 1000xl in southern Tasmania for the last 3 years. Summers here are mild and winters cool to cold with occasional morning frosts and the odd snow fall. Not sure how this compares to the conditions in the Pacific NW but we would agree wholeheartedly with Joe S. that it is not a significant issue. We cruise all year round.

    We have the standard sunbrella cockpit cover but have added clear vinyl panels that enclose the sides and quarters of the cockpit and have the sunbrella enclosure doors moved rearward to the line of the back of the motor hatches. When fully zipped up this provided a large, reasonably well sealed saloon enclosure. While there is no insulation in the tent like enclosure, we find that the saloon stays surprisingly cosy. We do have a portable diesel heater (webasto) that we use occasionally on the coldest days, usually only when the temperature drops below about 10 degrees C. when at anchor.

    When sailing to windward and reaching, there is very little wind and rain entering the cockpit. We rarely wear full wet weather gear as we don't need to be outside as visibility is so good with the all-round windows in the saloon and the side and quarter clears . Only when sailing down-wind in winds over 30 knots and heavy rain would we consider dropping the rear door.

    It is worth remembering how this compares with most monos and for that matter, most large cats with raised helm stations. We are always comfortable out of the wind and spray. Of course you do have to go outside to operate winches etc but these are located so close and you are not out for long.

    The lack of a secure saloon door is a legitimate concern and you do have to assume that a rogue wave may slosh into the saloon. However the design of the extended sterns seems to be very effective in keeping the cockpit dry. We have cruised extensively including the southern and west coast of Tasmania in some pretty rough conditions and have never had a problem. We have tube matting on the floor that allows water to drain well.

    Security of the saloon area is also an issue when you are away from the boat. But you just get used to making sure any valuables are locked in the hulls when you leave.

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