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Thread: spinnaker measurements?

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    Default spinnaker measurements?

    Hello everyone,

    I am a new owner of a Leopard 46 and have just joined this forum. Looking forward to sharing ideas with everyone.

    We are presently looking for a used symmetrical for our boat. I am looking a sail that falls within the following dimensions:

    Luff: 47-57'
    Foot 26-32'

    Am I looking in the correct range? Any advice would be very much appreciated.


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    Hi and welcome to the forum!

    I am of the opinion that an asymmetrical sail ( i.e. a gennaker) would be of better use for you. Cats are not the best when running straight downwind, instead downwind reaching / tacking will give you more VMG but it does mean more work.

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    Default Re: spinnaker measurements?

    G'day Aubrey
    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new boat. A asymmetrical or a MPS this is a much more practical and a more usable sail. I would recommend a top down furling System Probably 4.5 Ton, would be big enough for your Cat. They just make using a spinnaker so much easier, which means you will use it so much more. If you pull your Spinnaker
    halyard to fully hoisted, Measure of the total distance and add 5%, this is the measurement for your spinnaker. Don't make the foot too big, better having a sail that you can handle easily no more than 120 mē would be a good size for your cat and still be big enough to have a lot of fun.

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