Hi folks!
In my quest for More speed i have aquiered a new 17 meter aluminium mast extrusion to replace my old 15.3 meter mast.
The old mast is a fixed 235x155x4,5 extrusion with a single diamond and single shrouds to the 7/8 forstay fitting.
The new mast is 240x136x3,5 with a new addon extrution on the trailing end making more of a wing section so the new mast will be approx 350x136x3,5 when finished. It will also want to be rotating.

Now to the question.
What are the pros&Cons of different ways of rigging a rotating cat rig?
The extrusion ive bought has a double spreader configuration so a double diamond is natural but should i go for full diamonds with the forward prodder and without lower shrouds or is lower shrouds a good idea? and in that case, why?
Lower shrouds could potentially be lighter than full diamonds but they take up some space and might interfere with the 125% genoa.

Happy for any constructive input!