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    I don't see much activity on this forum? I have purchased the only Maine Cat 40 that I am aware of. The boat was previously known as "MAMBO". We have renamed her "Geaux Cat" and moved her to the Houston area. We purchased the boat in early October of this year. We sailed directly from Ft. Lauderdale, past Key West and straight across the Gulf of Mexico to Houston. We had fairly light winds, downwind for the last half of the trip. It took 7 days and four hours to make the approximately 1000 miles to Houston. We are glad to have her here and are taking our time working out a few bugs. Overall she seems to be in great shape.

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    Congratulations on your purchase. They look like a nice cat.


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    Congrats, how was the performance in various winds and points of sail? It was listed as lighter than the subsequent 41.

    Also check out the owners group on Yahoo.

    I'm on the list for a Maine Cat 38 when they come out.

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    I don't have a detailed view of the performance. We did not have an accurate knot meter. What I was impressed with was the ability to point upwind and maintain speed. I have also had the boat on Galveston bay a few times and the upwind performance seems impressive. Having lived on the boat during the seven day passage. The open bridge deck and center helm position is the highlight of the boat. Open bridge deck is not accurate. We were sailing during the thanksgiving break in 55 degree weather and 20 knots. All other sailors on the bay were in full foul weather gear and cold. We were in shorts and long sleeve t-shirts. I could not believe it. You also never need to leave the cockpit.

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