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    To paraphrase Lyndon Baines Johnson, "it is with a heavy heart that" I am announcing our departure from the cruising world. Health and education issues are sending us back to that hellhole called "land". Lady Jessamine (aka Jeannius) will be up for sale in the very near future. She is currently on the hard in St Augustine, FL, USA. PM me if you or anyone you know is interested in a P435 (hull 23) which has been very nearly completely overhauled over the past 20 months.

    With any luck, we will be doing the occasional bare boat charter. I will check the forum to see if anyone is nearby, as I have grown to love Privilege cats and will be interested to check out your boat if I'm in the vicinity, assuming you take visitors .



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    Sorry to hear that Pat. If you're ever chartering near us, it'd be great to see you. The beers will be cold and waiting...

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