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    Hello all,
    We are a couple that is preparing to retire out of the Navy after 26 years. This is our final duty station and will be in the market for a catamaran at some point in the near future. I look forward to becoming a part of the community here but will be spending most of my time needing help rather than contributing. I have been a Mono-hull sailor since I was a little kid and would like to venture to the dark side. The primary reason for choosing a catamaran is that my wife is not a sailor and I feel that a catamaran is the best fit for the both of us. Less healing, and a more stable platform for afternoon cocktails, and more room to get away from me should the need arise. Our rough plan is to purchase in the next year or two and then spend time sailing and making short trips to learn the nuances of sailing a cat before heading onboard full time for a number of years. Hope to glean plenty of information and insight and eventually contribute. I look forward to meeting you all soon.
    Fair winds and following seas.

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    WElcome, enjoy the experience.

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    Welcome, Paul. It'll be a fun learning experience for you and your wife.

    Quote Originally Posted by P-Dub View Post
    Less healing, and a more stable platform for afternoon cocktails....
    I've long thought that life aboard a cat promoted healthy living, but hadn't considered that actually healing was taking place as well! Maybe actually more takes place when adding the cocktails?


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    Hi Paul and "Mrs. Paul",
    Welcome to this forum. Hope you will find infos and your questions answered, we'll try our best !

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