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    Hey guys, I just bought the SW24 "Passing Wind" sight unseen. She's down in Hobart and I am in Lake Maquarie, N.S.W, Australia. I'm hoping to fly down in the next week or two and start sailing her back up the coast. She is semi set up for cruising with a wind generator, solar panel, stove/oven, marine toilet and water tanks and I'll be looking at putting hard decks on once its back in Lake Maquarie. I just saw an add on gumtree for a symetrical spinnaker with luff length of 8.8m and foot of 6.4m. Its from a compass 28. Is it too big for a masthead setup?
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    Well done. A brave move bought unseen. I hope you are having warm weather down there for your sail home.

    Nothing works on an old boat, except the skipper.

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    Cheers Bruce, it's definitely a gamble buying sight unseen but seems like most aspects of the SW24 are not overly complicated and relatively easy to fix/improve if necessar.
    I'm eager to see the state of her.

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    Looks like a great boat! I just bought mine a few months back and love it. I like your solar and wind, nice addition! I have hard decks on mine and am replacing the carpet with HydroTurf.
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    Thanks Johtie, I'm planning to change the solar/wind setup to be honest. The wind generator doesn't put out much power until about 30 knots and the solar is too small and at a silly angle. I'm thinking of building a targa bar between the transoms to carry 1 or maybe 2 250 watt solar panels. How are your hard decks constructed?
    Crossed Bass straight a few days ago in 30 knots +. It was pretty rough going but luckily had the wind and most of the swell on the quarter. I reached speeds of 18 knots and took a bit of getting used to the acceleration. Little bit scary to begin with! A third reef in the main would have been nice! Hard to slow down once she starts surfing. Wet, wild and cold. Was exhausted after 40 hrs with very little sleep. Was impressed with the boat and it's seaworthyness. The port fwd inner beam bolt has pulled into the fiberglass by about 10 mm and the hull is moving around on it. I will have to beef it up a bit with extra glass when I get home. The rudder pin bushings also need replacing with delrin, they are currently pvc and are getting sloppy. I replaced the standing rigging before leaving Hobart and it is performing well.

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    Sounds like a great ride over the Bass Strait. I'm an Aussie living in the US with a Sawing 24 I have had for 11 years. Put hard decks on a few years ago, thinking about the targa arrangement for the solar panels because I run the GPS and a Raymarine tiller mate, as well as lights powering electric wheelchair batteries and the amp calculation means I need 4 amp hours of power just to keep up. The 2 stroke Merc 8HP has a generator but I'd rather not run it. If you have any design thoughts on the targa I'd be interested.
    The other mod I made was going with Barracuda main and blade jib and then had a 85% blade jib made locally with a high clew so that I could swap jibs in a blow and not have to change the sheeting angles.I then added a full width harken traveller that allowed me to pull the car to windward and that gave me better sail shape, speed, pointing angle and really simple tacking (main is depowered during the tack.

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    Hi Dan .... I'm John (JIMBO) You seem to be the last person to create a thread hence this reply
    Is this forum defunct?
    If so can I communicate with you via email or 'phone (I'm a Queenslander).
    Last week I posted questions re. the mast spanner and there have been no response yet. If it is defunct that would be rather sad. I've gleened a fair amount of info from some of the posts even though most of the posts are over 5 years old.

    Have a good day Dan.

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