We did not have a direct lightning strike but did experience an EMC which burnt out one of our 12v relay circuit breaker panels in the port hull and possibly one row of switches in the integrated nav station panel. We put in temporary fuses and switches to satisfy the insurance company and moved the boat to Thunderbolt Marine for repairs. Problem appears an easy fix until we find out the companies making the integrated panels are no longer in business. We have contacted Privilege for suggestions.

The only solution to date is to pull out the relay circuit breaker panels (four 12v and one 220v panels in port side, and two 12v and one 220v panels in the starboard hull), the low amperage ribbon wiring, and the integrated nav station panel and start over. Recommendation is to wire everything like most USA boats with service wires going directly to a new nav station panel with circuit breaker switches. This entails a lot of new wiring from the current relay circuit breaker locations to the nav station. Not our preference.

We are wondering if anyone has dealt with this issue. Suggestions are welcome.

Please comment pro's and con's.