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Thread: LRC versus Classic Specs

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    Hi Folks

    Single-hander Mono bluewater cruiser making the transition, and now looking for a good PDQ 32 or 36.

    Greatly appreaciate it if you all could help with one specific issue:

    Is the main difference between the LRCs and the Classics in the power plant -- 9.9 outboards versus diesel inboards?

    Or are there other significant differences -- for instance, beefier standing rigging, chainplates, keel stubs, rudders, deck equipment, cleats, and/or larger fuel or water tanks?

    Thanks in advance and apologies if this has been dealt with before but i've been searching various websites and fora for this info for a couple weeks now, without much success.

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    I believe the only difference is the outboard vs diesel. I personally wouldn't consider the diesel option on the PDQ's, to much weight and drag.

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    Default Re: LRC versus Classic Specs

    Wasn't there an option for one diesel and one outboard? I think the LRC also had more tankage and maybe a hardtop?

    Mark Cole
    Manta 40 "Reach"

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    Not sure about the diesel and outboard, but the tankage was the same at 55 gallons and I believe they were putting hard tops on both the outboard and diesel model.

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