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Thread: What to look for in a Solaris Sunrise 36?

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    Default What to look for in a Solaris Sunrise 36?

    I just saw one listed on Craigslist. Looks like it's moored on Lake Washington, in Seattle, near where I live.

    I've never heard of this type of cat before. What can people tell me about them in general? Good points? Not-so-good? What things in particular to look for?

    This is the listing:



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    Default Re: What to look for in a Solaris Sunrise 36?

    Welcome to the forum, Nacnud. I believe that there are others on the forum who have a Sunrise 36 who can give you more specifics. It is an older design by, I think Compton, whereas the Sunstar 36 was a Lerouge design and was more modern and quicker than the Sunrise.

    In general, Solaris boats were very solidly built however the interior was 'finished' with glued on carpeting and vinyl headliners that will deteriorate (and which are, IMO, mould farms. We removed all carpeting/vinyl and replaced them with frp panels - a great deal of tome and effort as trusses had to be epoxied in to fit around compound curves.

    The cutter rig is terrific when the wind picks up - a dedicated, roller reefing staysail/storm jib so that there is no need to go forward to bend on a gale rider or similar storm jib. On the other hand, she will likely be less than ideal to windward and sluggish in light air.


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    Default Re: What to look for in a Solaris Sunrise 36?

    Thanks, Brad.

    I've seen other comments about the headliners. This one has "refurb headliners", according to the ad. That's good, assuming the job has been done well and will last.

    I like the idea of a solidly built boat - and would be willing to sacrifice a little performance for reliability. But I wonder just how big the sacrifice would be on this boat. It has the so-called "sport" rig with a taller mast, so perhaps that helps. I'd LOVE to hear from any Solaris owners comments about how their boats perform, how well they point, etc...

    I like the dual Yanmars with saildrives. Should perform well under power, at least. :-)

    One weird thing about this boat is the TWO heads with showers - seems a strange choice for a boat this size.

    Anyway, the boat is close by, so I'm going to take a look at her tomorrow. Thanks for the info.


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