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Thread: Yanmar SD40 & SD50 Cone Clutch Upgrade Kit

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    Default Yanmar SD40 & SD50 Cone Clutch Upgrade Kit

    After experiencing the typical "Slipping Cone" syndrome on our NEW (900Hrs) Voyage 500 in 2012, we looked into/identified the cause of the problem.
    It took a while to develop a solution to the problem, which essentially replaces the Yanmar thrust washers with Thrust Bearings (similar to Volvo).
    The Rework also incorporates the Selector adjustment, allowing much closer initial set-up tolerances, and reduced wear.

    This Rework/Upgrade solves the re-occuring slipping Cone Clutch problem on the SD40 and SD50

    Feel free to contact us if you need more information:

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    Default Re: Yanmar SD40 & SD50 Cone Clutch Upgrade Kit

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