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Thread: Painting UV - Strip?

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    Default Painting UV - Strip?

    I would like to change the colour of the newish UV strip on my genoa from light grey to black. Does anyone know if there is a special paint available which would do the job and where I could obtain it?


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    I think your chances of success are probably low, particularly in getting something that shows a consistent color across the strip, and stands up to constant furling. However ... if your current UV strip is Sunbrella then you could try regular acrylic house paint. It sticks well to Sunbrella. It is how we painted the boat name on our Sunbrella sail cover, and it was still going fine two years later when we sold the boat.

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    If you want to do something like this and you do not know how to recommend company.
    I used them to paint the house, the garage and even the metal fence and aluminum lamps in the garden. Are re-accredited. I recommend.

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    What do you think about wallpapers? I think about something like that

    Who try add wallpaper on boat?

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