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Thread: What set-up for reefing the main.

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    Default What set-up for reefing the main.

    I'm in the process of setting up my reefing lines for the main on my 435 and rather than try to reinvent the wheel I though I'd ask the forum what works for them. The lines will terminate at the mast and the forward rollers on the boom are only exposed on the underside. I have a reefing hook by the gooseneck. Is it necessary on that big sail to have lines pulling down on the luff as well as the aft lines which pull down by the leach? I have bat cars so my sail usually drops pretty easily but I have not yet tried to pull it down when it has a bit of wind in it, or is it always essential to face into the wind to reef?

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    Default Re: What set-up for reefing the main.

    Our setup is similar to yours. We originally had reefing hooks for the tack and jiffy reefing for the clews. The hooks worked OK, but when the main is deeply reefed the tack is quite a ways above the goose neck. This meant that the pull from the clew was taken up by the luff of the sail, rather than the tack, which caused the sail to pull away from the slugs. I ended up removing the hooks and replacing them with padeyes above the gooseneck on the mast so that now the tack is supported in the horizontal, as well as vertical plane.
    We are able to reef downwind, but prefer not to. We usually just head into the wind as high as we can while keeping the jib full, basicly forereaching with the main luffing. We then reef and fall off to our previous course. In practice, we rarely reef while running as we usually have the main deeply reefed from the oustet since, like most cats, we can't let the boom out very far without the sail touching the shrouds. If we are deeply reefed we can let the sail out further and the boat is better balanced, plus, if the wind comes up we are already reefed. If it is blowing more than 25 or 30, we usually don't have the main up at all off the wind.

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