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    The windlass on Luna is not working. Not sure why but I've removed the old Lewmar 2000 from the deck and will start bench testing tomorrow. I like the unit and am considering rebuilding it. However, before I start this project I would like to collect responses to the following questions.

    1. Advice from anyone who has rebuilt or significantly repaired this model windlass.

    2. Advice from anyone who has replaced this stout relic with another windlass.

    S/V Luna is a 1995 Priviliege 45. Information from same model S/V or similar will be most helpful.

    CAPT Luke,
    St. Petersburg, FL

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    Eectric motor had suffered some damage from previous owners, not sure how they managed that but... I had the electric motor rebuilt and I pulled apart and serviced the rest of the windlass. The Lewmar 2000 is back in service and should be for many more years. That is one solid piece of gear. Very well built.

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