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Thread: Queensland - Marinas, Anchorages

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    This thread for listing marinas, anchorages, etc., in Queensland (incl. the Barrier Reef).

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    My stomping ground is mainly between the northern side of Shoal water bay and 1770. As far as anchorages go any small waterway with access at or about low tide is good value ... finding the channel is another matter. Hint, wait till the top or bottom of the tide. Once the tide starts to run, especially with any northerly aspect in the wind, you will not be able to see the bottom and also the waves will begin to stand up making life a little uncomfortable.
    As a general rule of thumb you will find a small creek on the northern side of most rocky headlands along the Queensland starting at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef and continuing up to the tip. Thus the entrance channel will run north-south. A good GPS is worth its cost as is Google Earth (note in au google does not update every day,month,year only after there has been a major weather event and I think that in the case of Corio bay they have given up ... its entrance is on skates. It is extremely mobile.)

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