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    I'm in the middle of negotiating the purchase of the above cat. I've looked hard for any feedback on the lagoon 57 in that year of manufacturing. I looking for standard info IE: fuel usage, fit and finish, overall handling characteristics, ease of sailing...1 or 2 person. True max draft. The cat is a owners version with the owners suite with separate entrance. Looking for first hand knowledge and maintenance experiences you could pass on. I also have my eye on a lagoon 440 2008, which I truly love, but can't seem to get the extra 13 ft out of my mind. I'm starting a dive and spearfishing charter biz here in Florida so I'm thinking the extra space would come in handy for larger groups.

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    Hi Scott -- The L55/57 from the mid-2000's is often a good value. We buddy boated with a 2003 55 for an extended period. The owner was generally happy with the boat. It sails surprisingly well for it's freeboard and windage. I only beat him twice, and those were in really light winds where I had a bow roller gennaker cut for 45 off the wind, and he didn't. Otherwise, I would leave about an half hour ahead of him and watch him crawl up my wake. Happened day, after day, despite my pushing my L47 has hard as I could. To be expected, but darn frustrating.

    He had issues, of course. Mostly normal stuff, like tramps to be replaced, toilets, etc. On scary one was engine vibration which turned out to be sheared drive shaft coupling bolts (only one of four was still in place. I was incredulous until he showed me the three sheared off ones in his hand). Water or holding tanks in the keels are a persistent trouble spot on the older Lagoons. Not a deal breaker, but something to drive your the down with. You are looking for soft tops, and internal tank baffles.

    They eventually crossed the Pacific after a couple of years with us in the USA/East coast and Caribbean. You REALLY want a hardtop, he had one built for $20kUSD, so if the one you are considering has one already, that's huge plus.

    Lagoon, like all builders, have been under intense cost pressure, so the newer ones are progressively less well built. The internal layout of the 440 is AWESOME, but I would never own one.

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    I'm a proud owner of a 2003 Lagoon 570 based on the Australian East Coast. The vessels was previously known by the name Remi De. Other than normal maintenance to be expected given its age we have had no serious issues other than minor engine vibration associated with the v drives.(Yanmar 110hp shaft drive) Its worth noting that these boats were built by CNB to a much higher standard than currently available. It's dry weight tonnage is also approx 10 tons lighter than the current Lagoon 52 so it's sailing performance is outstanding.

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    Congratulations! Remi De was our cruising companion for a good part of 2011 and 2012. We miss them! She is a fine vessel. I have seen a number of her sisterships that have been run hard in charter operations out of Martinique. They wear a bit on the surface as one would expect with heavy use, but they sale flat and fast just the same. I agree that they are really of a different class then the current production cat fleet. I wouldn't hesitate to own one if I needed the volume.

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    Anchored off of Barbuda at sunset.
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    We also have a Lagoon 570 which we have owned for 10 years.We are in Tonga and have experienced exactly the same problem with 3 of the drive bolts sheared on the starboard side drive coupling.we have 110hp yanmars and max props and are trying to find the cause of the vibration.would be really interested to know what caused the problem.
    many thanks,
    stephen. Sumore

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    Summer -- I am sorry to say that I am not aware of any particular fix. I know that new props weren't the solution at the time.

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    Apparently the vibration problem is quite common with this mechanical setup. After a complete rebuild of the starboard ZF Gearbox and new bearings on the port side over a period of 12 months we did the following
    1. New stiffer engine mounts (isoflex brand here in Australia, apparently the Yanmar originals are way to soft)
    2. Props and shafts balanced. (Shaft bearings replaced)
    3. Engine and gearbox aligned (we had this done three times till we found someone who knew what they were doing)

    In hindsight I believe 1 & 3 where critical to the outcome.
    The vibration is now effectively eliminated. (Ie 90% improvement)

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    Thanks for the information on what you did to solve the vibration problem.I am going to try fitting stiffer engine mountings and see how that goes.
    many thanks.

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    Still on the case with the vibration problems on my Lagoon 570. Currently cruising in Fiji and looking to replace the engine mounts with stiffer ISOFLEX mounts.Anyone know what specification/type/part number to fit?
    Many thanks,

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    Isoflex will tell you as long as you provide your engine and transmission details to them. The mounts need to be the stiffer of the two options they offer. The will be some vibration at idle but the vibration at cruising speed virtually disappears. Remember engine and gearbox alignment is also critical. It took us 18 months of trial and error to work it out. Are you planning to come to Australia on your journey.

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