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Thread: Seawind 1160/1250 sailing

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    1. Is looking through the front two or at least one window forward presents a problem, like glare, restricted view, rain, etc.?
    2. When the weather is really heavy and all openings are closed, how do you control the chart-plotter that is inside?

    I never encountered these obstacles, but boats are very popular and it could be not a big deal. Thank you.
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    1. No - No problem, in fact the 1160 1250 have exceptional allround Visibility
    2. I have never ever had conditions that caused weather to enter that window, but if you did put the side clears on.

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    Another advantage of the chart plotter set up is it swivels, so in foul conditions you can keep an eye on the charts from the saloon and have autopilot steer for you. Get yourself a remote for the autopilot and you can even change course (within reason) without having to step out into the cockpit to trim sails.

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