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Thread: Unstepping Mast on my Lagoon 440

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    Hi Everyone,

    I am new to this group and have a question. I am in the process of unstepping the mast on my 2004 Lagoon 440. To remove and replace a sail track and of course restepping it. The rigger just informed that is may take 3 guys, 5 days, which could cost $10,000, including yard and crane time.

    Does that seem right? I was expecting half that, but I am always wrong when guessing these costs. :-O I'd love to hear what others with similar size boats of have spent. My boat is located in Southern CA, which probably does not help the costs.

    Thanks everyone!

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    Do you need to replace the entire sail track or just a section? I have unstepped our mast and replaced a section of track. It took less than a day. myself, my wife and the crane operator, but he was only part time so 3 people for 5 days sounds extreme. individual crane hire can be expensive, but many yards have their own cranes and charge a lot less.

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    Last year in Malta I had the yard unstep the mast on my 11m cat and later restep it for which I was charged €375. I can't comment on the labour and material costs regarding the track.

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    If you are going to un step for sail track, think about Halyard and Pulley sheath block inspection and or replacement. Also lights and electrical equipment and wiring. All a lot easier to address when stick is on the ground. Have a mate that is dealing with corroded light wire at top of mast on a younger L440 than yours at present. If you are going to the expenses of dropping the mast it's the right time to do a full refurbish on all the mast systems.

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    Hi, seems extreme, unstepping and restepping probably only takes an hour or so for each process. Some crane companies charge minimum crane hire of 4 hours including driver and one rigger. 4 days full time for 3 folks to remove and replace a sail track also seems extreme. As PaulinOz notes great opportunity to check out the mast fully.....classic case of at least another quote required.

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