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Thread: Considering my first multihull experience

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    Default Considering my first multihull experience

    I'm starting to prepare a week sailing vacation next spring. Bareboat charter with a few friends. Final destination to be decided soon (most probably Croatia).

    For comfort reasons my vacation mates prefer a catamaran. And I like the idea, so I can take the advantage of the opportunity to try a multihull sailing for the first time.

    All I know about catamarans is that they don't lean. So in case of high winds I guess you have to a) reef early; and b) be always ready to release main traveler and/or sheet.

    I don't want to do something crazy (like Giuís going offshore with his tube, his ring and his line. So I have a first question to those of you that have experience with both monohulls and catamarans: Is a reasonable monohull sailing experience enough to adventure with a Catamaran for the first time? Or do you think that it requires different skills than sailing on a multihull so I should rather practice on catamarans before taking the responsibility over one?

    Thank You!!!

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    Default Re: Considering my first multihull experience

    You are right about reefing and being ready to release sheets. Main difference is the feedback you get - you won't be heeling
    so you need to use your senses and instruments to be aware of the conditions. Have fun!

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    Monohull experience is valid for cat sailing. Generally speaking, you do the same things, they're just easier to do. Probably the biggest difference is that you reef the main first, whereas a lot of mono sailors seem to reduce headsail first.

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