Guys, what are the big differences in interior layouts & space between the 37' & the 40'er? Especially in terms of dinette options in the stern?As the Searunner builder’s manual states that the stern castle in the 40’ is narrower than the 37’, which has me wondering if it’s ide enough for people to sit across from each other at the table?

For example in my 31’ the max width was about 5’ from side to side at the top of the seat back cushions (measured at 18” or so above the seats themselves). And that made it nigh on impossible for 2 people to sit across from each other at the table, let alone 4.So any insights into this would be helpful.

Also, if you could post pics of your boat’s setup, that would be great! It’s always interesting to see how folks have configured their galleys & dinettes.Ditto the aft “berthing” areas.Whether you converted them to nav areas, or work benches, etc.

Oh, & what do you do to make the boat more liveable in inclement or cool weather? Since having a center cockpit with no enclosed walkway, pretty much sucks in 50 degree weather.Whether it’s raining or not.So it’s easy to get stuck living in one cabin or the other, which kinda’ cancels out the perks of owning a large’ish boat IMO.